Curso Alfamídia Língua Inglesa
Alfamídia Língua Inglesa


Conteúdo Programático
O curso objetiva formar falantes de inglês como Segunda Língua trabalhando-se, em sala de aula, com as quatro habilidades comunicativas: Reading, writing, listening and speaking (Ler, escrever, ouvir e falar). Este módulo visa proporcionar aos participantes a aquisição de competências linguísticas e comunicativas que permitam a comunicação em Língua Inglesa de formas adequadas a diferentes contextos comunicativos simples.

• Verb be: Wh-questions and statements; yes/no questions and and short answers; contractions;
• Subject pronouns;
• Possessive adjectives;
• Simple present wh-questions and statements;
• Time expressions:at, in, on, around, until, before, after, early and late;
• Demonstratives: this, that, these, those; one and ones;
• Questions: how much and which; comparisons with adjectives;
• Simple present yes/no and wh- questions with do;
• Questions: What kind;
• Object pronouns
• Modal verb would;
• Verb+to+verb;
• Present continuous yes/no and wh-questions; statements and short answers;
• Determiners: all, nearly all, all, most, many, a lot of, some, not many, a few and few;
• Adverbs of frequency: always, almost always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, hardly ever, almost never, never;
• Questions with how: how often, how much time, how long, how well, how good;
• Short answers