Curso 2830 - Designing Security Networks
2830 - Designing Security Networks


Conteúdo Programático
E-learning Oficial Microsoft: 2830: Designing Security for Microsoft® Networks

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The skills you will gain are necessary to design a secure network infrastructure and will assist you in maintaining a secure network, develop improved security protocols in a network, and examine what is needed to take preventive measures that could curtail possible attacks to a network.

After completing this course, you will describe common elements of security policies and procedures, and create a security design framework and design team by using the Microsoft® Operations Framework process model. You will also explain common network vulnerabilities, how to predict threats to security by using the STRIDE threat model, and explain the purpose and operation of and understand how to create a risk management plan. You will also be able to create security designs for physical resources, computers, accounts, authentication, data, data transmission, and network parameters after analyzing the threats and risks associated with each. Lastly, you will learn how to design audit policies and incident response procedures for the prevention of and reaction to an attack.